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Status Future consideration
Created by Mike Maylone
Created on Jul 14, 2020

DevOps Integration -- Support rendering of images embedded in description field

Currently when you import from Azure DevOps, if you have images embedded into the description field, they come over as a link in the Aha! description field, e.g. imagename.png. It would be great if they would render in Aha! like they do in DevOps. Note that when you push from Aha! to DevOps the images will render in DevOps.

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  • Christopher Hanshew
    Oct 19, 2022

    I would like to add to the comment below regarding Jira - Everytime we create a Jira story with embedded images Aha is converting the image to links, thus sending the updated description back to Jira and overwriting our Jira description fields and our engineers are not happy about this. The workaround provided was to change the description field to a one way update from Jira. As a result we cannot use Aha for any type of feature creation until this is impemented.

    The first response I received from Aha! Support was that this is a Jira issue, however it seems like if two different integrations are having similar problems it should be something that should be corrected on the Aha side of things.

  • Matt Gamba
    Mar 15, 2022

    Since my last comment in October, I have found out when the image turns to a link. It seems like the first time an image is added into the AHA story, if you come back less than 10 mins later after pushing to VSTS, the image turns to a link. If you then remove the link and add the image back in line where it was, it will stay. This seems more like a bug than an enhancement.

  • Guest
    Mar 9, 2022

    I agree with this suggestion. Several of our product owners have complained about it. It would be nice if this was supported in custom Note fields, too, as we created a custom field in Aha! for acceptance criteria.

  • Nicola Rolando
    Mar 3, 2022

    I agree this is very annoying. For me the problem is systematic. If I have an image embedded into the description field in DevOps, this is at first properly displayed in Aha. But as soon as I edit the description in Aha (this may happen also by just clicking in the description field), during the next synchronization towards DevOps the image is always transformed into a link.

    As I use the Epics and Feature description to share information with external stakeholders, this is strongly inferfering with the clarity of the information which is being shared as the link cannot be opened by an external user and - of course - if I produce a PDF this won't appear.

    In general, this is disallowing us to properly maintain the descriptions directly in Aha, because the result will be bad and we always have to change the descriptions in DevOps only.

  • Guest
    Feb 22, 2022

    Should also work for Jira

  • Matt Gamba
    Oct 14, 2021

    This is currently happens to us randomly. There hasn't been any consistency we've noticed to when it happens but we do have an integration with VSTS. There are some images that we have had in stories for some time and will randomly turn into links but there are also times when we add new images and if you send it over to VSTS, it will turn them into links BUT if you add those images back in a second time, they will still turn to links. If you do it a third time, they usually will stay. Like I said completely random.

  • Stephane Jasmin
    Sep 17, 2021

    Maybe this a feature request when an image link is embedded in DevOps and you sync it back to Aha and expect to see the image displayed (I think it is a very important feature but maybe a feature nonetheless). It is a bug when an image is embedded in Aha (an attachment to a story like a screenshot), synced to DevOps and is then turned back into a link when you update from DevOps by clicking the "Update records" button in the Azure DevOps Services main page. This type of link is an Aha embedded image link, not an external image link. You know it is an embedded image because it came from Aha. Right now we are unable to get updates from DevOps without blowing away all the screenshots in every single story we have created in Aha. We can only sync one direction. This is a huge usability issue for us.


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