Want ability to filter Ideas by Name in Idea View (not global search)

Sometimes I want to use the Ideas List view to find my item, instead of the global search.  The Global search results are disruptive, I have to keep changing my settings after doing one to search through ideas, and the results display doesn't have the information I need to find my item, plus it shows repeats often if the keyword I'm looking for is in the title and the tag and the description.  I want to just quickly filter my idea list to only those that match a title keyword, or a description keyword, rather than having to use the clunky global search.


I need this to be able to drill-down to an idea that I vaguely remember but don't exactly remember, and there are many ideas like it in the idea portal -- I need to sift through several similar results to find the one I need.  The global search doesn't work well for that. 

  • Kaitlyn Moore
  • Jan 31 2017
  • Likely to implement
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