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Created by Kaitlyn Moore
Created on Jan 31, 2017

Want ability to filter Ideas by Name in Idea View (not global search)

Sometimes I want to use the Ideas List view to find my item, instead of the global search.  The Global search results are disruptive, I have to keep changing my settings after doing one to search through ideas, and the results display doesn't have the information I need to find my item, plus it shows repeats often if the keyword I'm looking for is in the title and the tag and the description.  I want to just quickly filter my idea list to only those that match a title keyword, or a description keyword, rather than having to use the clunky global search.


I need this to be able to drill-down to an idea that I vaguely remember but don't exactly remember, and there are many ideas like it in the idea portal -- I need to sift through several similar results to find the one I need.  The global search doesn't work well for that. 

    Dec 21, 2019

    The status of this idea was out of date. Since this was requested we have added an Idea name search filter.

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