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Created by Guest
Created on Dec 6, 2017

Ability to Filter Ideas by Text Anywhere in the Idea


As a product manager who finds immense value in the ability to filter, sort, and search, I would like to be able to filter ideas by a search that looks through all text associated with an idea.  Currently, there is an Idea Filter called "Idea Search" but it only searches Idea Names and Idea References.  I often take notes in the description text area, and I'd like to be able to filter ideas based on text I include in that description area.  I'd like to expand the search capability to include the description area, as well as comments, to dos, etc...

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  • Kellen Hawley
    Nov 11, 2023

    This would be incredibly helpful for organizations with large idea portals. When trying to find related ideas, it would be extremely helpful to have a fuzzy search that goes through all of the idea content (or at least name and description).

  • Joydita Sarkar
    Dec 14, 2022

    There is a workaround. You create a new calculation column and put field("idea description") as the equation. This will return the contents of the description field in the calculation column. You can then do a keyword search on the calculation column. Probably the results aren't quite as good but it's better than nothing.

  • Jennifer Lange
    Dec 9, 2021

    I agree that the searching is limited - I am trying to find an idea that references a certain functionality but can only search by idea name. I need the capability of searching all text, mainly the description. It would be nice if the search would search name and description so that we don't have to look in each field individually

  • Guest
    Apr 12, 2018

    It was also be beneficial to create a Idea Description Search, where it only searched the description within an Idea. Then you could filter for both. 


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