For feature roadmap, show calendar quarters, not by fiscal year

When doing a feature roadmap, I'd like the quarters presented to be the ones by calendar year, like Q1 is Jan/Feb/Mar and Q2 is Apr/May/Jun etc, rather than Fiscal year, which is what it currently does. This is because my development teams think about things year by year from a calendar perspective, not a financial budget perspective. 

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  • Jan 24 2017
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  • Feb 1, 2017

    Admin Response

    There is a workaround which may help in showing the Features roadmap by calendar quarters (vs. the fiscal year which has been set for your product).

    Using the top product navigation dropdown, select a product which uses January as the fiscal year starting month. From here, you should be able to choose the releases of interest for your features roadmap, and display it using calendar quarters.

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