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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Kelsey K
Created on Oct 3, 2023

Configurable Fiscal Year Dates

Who would benefit?

Users/organizations that don't follow a standard/defaulted fiscal year

What impact would it make?

Allowing an organization to set exact perimeters for their fiscal year will allow for accurate reporting.

Currently, if one of our releases falls in that gray area where the fiscal and calendar quarters line up, they appear incorrectly on the roadmap and other reports. Would love to close that gap for more accurate data.

How should it work?

When a user is configuring their account, more options for a non-standard fiscal year should be presented. Currently, we have the ability to set the starting month of the fiscal year, but no options exist to further customize an organizations fiscal year. For instance, the organization I work for starts our fiscal year in May, and each month starts on a Saturday and has exactly 4 weeks in it - So our fiscal months/quarters almost never match calendar months/quarters. Attached is an example of what FY24 looks like for us.

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