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Status Future consideration
Categories Roadmaps
Created by Tim K
Created on Mar 22, 2022

Trimester Views on Roadmaps/Fields



Occasionally we work with clients that plan on trimesters instead of quarters. Suggestions to change planning frequency around the product management tool have not gone very far :)


This idea represents a couple of spots where this could be added, but roadmap views would be preferred.

  1. Roadmap Views (Custom, Starter, Strategy, Gannt)

    1. The timeline representation at the top able to show Trimesters

    2. The resolution able to show trimesters

  2. Record Field Options

    1. For date fields with resolution modifiers (i.e. Release Month or Release Quarter) Trimester options would be helpful.

If it becomes noisy, perhaps a trimester vs. quarter setting could be added in org settings by FY format.


For point 1, our workaround is currently exporting to Powerpoint 🤮

For point 2, to add trimesters as a field, you can use a calculated field:

if(month(field("Feature due date"))>=9,year(field("Feature due date")) + " T3",if(month(field("Feature due date"))>=5,year(field("Feature due date")) + " T2",if(month(field("Feature due date"))>=1,year(field("Feature due date")) + " T1","Later")))


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