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Created on Nov 3, 2016

Show opportunity name from Salesforce on the idea in Aha!

The Ideas in Aha which have been linked to an Opportunity show this link in a nice little table on the Idea itself. However, the column for the Opportunity name only shows the word "Opportunity", not the actual opportunity name itself. This is annoying, but actually becomes critical when we have multiple opportunities per Account. Then there is no way to see the difference. And even more critical is when we try to create overviews or reports, there is no way to distinguish this in the reports, they show up as duplicates, which means the pivot tables might potentially hide important information. The only way to know is to dig in and open them in Salesforce, which kind of defeats the purpose.
    May 27, 2022

    You can now sync Salesforce opportunity data — such as opportunity name, stage, probability, and close date — with customer feedback in Aha! Ideas Advanced to better understand the business impact of specific requests. Read more.

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  • warren lester
    Nov 4, 2016

    ...or case.

  • Guest
    Nov 4, 2016

    This is the core problem. Say I have an account named Buscorp, and I have two opportunities for Buscorp, one for Retail Platform and one for Mobile Platform. The opportunities are connected to Aha through the integration. Now say both of them request an idea named Notifications. This will show up twice in Aha with almost identical data. Nowhere can I see that one is requested for Retail and another is requested for Mobile. They are both requested for Buscorp only. There is a SalesforceID column which points to the right opportunity, but that is useless. I want to be able to see the difference between these two entries in Aha. They show as two entries, but it is impossible to know which is which, or even to verify if maybe they are a duplicate. I need to click on both opportunity links to know.

    A simple solution would be to list the actual opportunity name in Aha, and not just the account name.

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