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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Salesforce
Created by Daniel Hirschberg
Created on Feb 11, 2016

Salesforce integration: roll up Ideas from Opportunities to Accounts

Our Customer Success team would like to quickly find all the Ideas associated with a Customer, but we really like to map Ideas to Opportunities, so we can keep the granularity of what they needed the feature for; and what was the outcome.

So it would be great if Ideas added to an Opportunity would show up in the Account page.

    Apr 16, 2019

    Given the workaround suggested in the comments and other priorities, we are unlikely to make updates here at this time. We hope you can understand.

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  • Kaitlyn Luboff
    Feb 16, 2022

    The aforementioned workaround isn't available to folks not using the Financial Services Cloud in Salesforce. This will still be a very useful enhancement.

  • Kaitlyn Luboff
    Feb 15, 2022

    I'm not sure if this will make it to Camille Kapoor, who commented here in 2018, but here goes...
    Camille, can you share any more information about how you were able to create that custom association?

  • Camille Kapoor
    Apr 24, 2018

    We got this working by creating a custom association in Salesforce to associate all ideas created on Cases & Opportunities on the Accounts level - so it is possible today. 

  • Robi Chakrabarti
    Sep 28, 2016

    Another vote for this.

    We are about to roll out Aha Ideas to manage Enterprise product feedback through the SFDC Account and Opportunity Ideas integration, which will greatly improve the return-on-time-invested for those entering customer feedback.

    Unfortunately, the inability to see all ideas for an account on the account page means nobody will ever be able to see all product feedback communicated by one particular enterprise customer.  This greatly diminishes the value of using Aha for Enterprise customer feedback management.

  • warren lester
    Aug 10, 2016

    ...and from cases to accounts.


    It would be great to see all ideas created through cases for a particular customer on their account page in order to get a more complete picture of ideas as they flow through the system.

  • Guest
    Feb 12, 2016

    We have built an enhancement request (ER) system within SFDC which imports various fields from the SFDC opportunities and account objects.  Within the ER system there is also a scoring system that helps prioritize the ER's incorporating various different elements such as (how it aligns to overall strategy, does it have larger applicability, revenue at risk, how it aligns to competitors, and several other ).  We would like migrate all of these ERs to Ideas and map these custom fields over.