It would aid management of features if expand Assignee field to enable population with more than one individual Assignee

In our development projects, features are often owned/assigned to more than one individual. Per intended use of the To Do's, we prefer to assignee the true list of owners to each feature versus creation of a To Do or use of the Program Manager field to assignee multiple people to the Feature.  The Program Manager field allows for more than one person to be populated. Can this same logic be carried over to the Feature Assignee field?

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  • Oct 26 2016
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  • Oct 26, 2016

    Admin Response

    Thank you for the request. At this time, the Assignee field can be only used for a single person. While we understand there may be situations where with multiple assignees, using a single person helps to ensure responsibility upon one person.

    That said, there are some workarounds which may be used. We have a Users custom field which can be applied on Features to designate "Assignee II" in your use case. This would select from the existing users list in your account. 

    You can see more details here: 

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