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Status Future consideration
Categories Features
Created by Nathaniel Collum
Created on May 21, 2024

A.I.-powered assignee suggestion

What is the challenge?

I work with two large teams across a big product portfolio. Any given week, I can have engineers assigned to multiple features. When I go to assign the next feature, I don't have any contextual information about the other work on their plate.

What is the impact?

It's very easy to overload engineers on my team.

Describe your idea

Enhance the “Assigned to” field to share contextual info about the user’s availability.


  • Display # of records user is currently working on - Nathaniel Collum (3 records in progress)

  • Auto-sort the list so that users with 0 records in the “Not started” status category appear at the top

  • Auto-suggest who should work on this feature based on AI analysis of all records in the account - i.e. “Nathaniel Collum usually works features with this name (“Feature name”)”

  • Attach files