Ability to modify default Threat Scorecard labels

The default Threat Scorecard has a series of defined parameters/metrics: Product Breadth, Ability to Execute, Strength of Vision, and Market Awareness. I am told by Aha! Support that this scorecard cannot be modified:

"You can edit most of the scorecards in Aha!, but not the Threat scorecard. The placement of the competitors on the grid is handled by using the built in scorecard or by adjusting the competitors place on the matrix.

For the other scorecards, you can click the 'Manage scorecards' link at the bottom of the card, or alternatively Settings -> Account -> confgure scorecard.

We have included default scorecards as examples, but hope that you customize them to match your objectives."

I would like, however, to at least have the ability to change the labels associated with this scorecard. For example, "Market Awareness" is not something we typically measure (and I'm not even sure how we would go about it).

As a bonus, it would also be nice to be able to provide our own guidance in the mouseover help tip.

  • Steve Matthews
  • Sep 20 2016
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    Chris Waters commented
    September 20, 2016 16:34

    Actually it is possible to customize the competitor scorecard. On the Settings -> Product -> Configure (assignee, scorecard, capacity, workflow) page you can choose the scorecard that will be used by competitors in the product. You can choose a custom scorecard too. I am sorry you didn't get the correct answer from support.

  • Steve Matthews commented
    September 20, 2016 19:24

    After a brief exchange, Aha! Support was able to help me with my misunderstanding here. The part that I was missing is that when you create a custom scorecard and assign it as the default, the name of the custom scorecard does not replace the name of the default "Threat Scorecard" that appears in the Competitor detail view. Your custom parameters do, however, replace the default ones, in both the Competitor detail view and the Competitor Matrix (X and Y axes).