Display Threat Scorecard on Competitor Screen / Profile

Threat Scorecard is a key indicator of the level of importance of a competitor. Also, it is numerical, so it is very easy to grasp, at a glance. So it's important, and very useful to be able to display.  I  know we can generate a report for a notebook but it would be much more useful to display on each competitor's profile. We're generating an important notebook for next week, can this be implemented by then?

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  • May 2 2017
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    Austin Merritt commented
    May 05, 2017 21:44

    Hi Roisin, I wanted to give you a quick tip to help you get the notebook you need for next week. While the default Threat score isn't a field that can currently be added to the Competitor profile, you can add a custom scorecard field to your competitor profile. Here is an article explaining custom fields in more detail. You'll need to use the Scorecard field type.