Aha should delete the integration link when receiving a delete trigger from a webhook

We have Aha linked to JIRA. When we delete an issue in JIRA, this triggers our Webhook to send a message to Aha. I understand and agree that this should not cause Aha to delete the Feature connected to it for security reasons. But I would expect Aha to remove the integration link which connects the Feature to a Story in JIRA. 

Because this doesn't happen currently, any subsequent updates to the Feature in Aha will result in errors while it's trying to update a JIRA issue which doesnt exist anymore. Even clicking the "Update JIRA" option manually will result in an error which is only resolved by manually deleting the integration link.

  • Marvin van Dongen
  • Jul 26 2016
  • Likely to implement
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  • David Goodwin commented
    13 Mar 15:33

    Yes, I agree. Delete the integration link and set the Corresponding Aha! Reference in Jira to null

  • Kirstin Maurer commented
    03 Apr 20:35

    We have a similar issue in the case where an Epic with a link to JIRA, has the link deleted in Aha, and the link is removed on the Aha side, but the Aha Reference still appears in JIRA. This results in orphaned Epics on the JIRA side whose updates don't sync back to Aha.