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Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by Jon DeLong
Created on Jun 9, 2022

Need easier way to link to existing Jira records!

Current workflow from what we have determined and as was suggested by Aha support:

1. A new idea/suggestion comes in from a customer, we promote a new requirement in an existing Feature.

2. It is promoted to a new requirement.

3. Within about 30 seconds, we have a NEW integration record connected to Jira (not what we want!)

4. What we would like to do is NOT have the new Jira record created as we ultimately want to link to an existing Jira using the "Link to existing Jira" option.

We are able to link the requirement to a Jira detection, but only after deleting the new (undesired) record that is created.

The proposed solutions were:

  1. Turn off the automatic sending of changes and delete the records you don't what sent so you don't get the unwanted tickets created in Jira. This scenario is why this is a configuration. (IMHO this defeats the purpose of the integration - automated sync)

  2. Don't promote the requirement to a feature that is already linked to Jira, this is what is automating the send of the requirement is when the parent feature is linked already. If you promote to an unlinked feature the requirement won't send to create the unwanted ticket in Jira. In this case you could leave the automated send on. (this does not work for us either).

We simply need a way to link to existing Jira tickets from Aha, please!

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