Provide review only access to notebooks

Providing view only access to notebooks would allow Aha users to access the notebooks directly from Aha vs. having to save a URL link or be emailed a PDF.  It would also allow users to view historical versions (for example: historical roadmaps, historical status reports, etc.).  These are users we do not want as collaborators as we do not want them generating PDFs or updating the web nor making changes to the notebook.  Currently, we are having to manually send PDFs.

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  • Jul 8 2016
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Release time frame
  • Jul 30, 2016

    Admin Response

    Thank you for the note. As mentioned, we currently have a couple ways that Notebooks can be distributed to non-Aha! users -- our web page and PDFs. 

    In situations where you would like users to see the most up to date version of the Notebook, we suggest using the web page. This would allow users to see up to date information (but prevent them from seeing or making changes to the notebook).

    At this time, we do not have plans to make updates in this area based on the existing workaround, current priorities and community feedback over time. We hope you can understand.

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  • Laura Giles commented
    November 09, 2018 17:51

    If notebooks are to be used as real-time dashboards, notebook web links must be easily accessible to permitted Aha users within Aha as we cannot expect our user base to maintain a number of Aha bookmarks outside of Aha - especially when links change, nor do we desire to manage the communication effort needed when they do.

    Giving everyone contributor access is definitely not an option for us as the user can inadvertently change/delete the notebook.