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Categories Whiteboards
Created by Milosz Konarczyk
Created on Jun 5, 2023

Notebook access to everyone regardless of Aha access

Give Access to Aha Notebook and provide them edit license to everyone regardless of current access to Aha!.

That will allow you to be much more competitive and Agile Facilitator to use Aha as a source for collaboration for PI Planning.

Right now when you have only view access you are not able to create anything in the whiteboard. That is a huge pushback in terms of Notebook/Whiteboard usage.

In my opinion everyone should be able to use Whiteboard and create sticky notes and only people with Edit license should be able to covert sticky notes to Features,Epics.

    Jun 23, 2023

    Thanks for the idea!

    You can now add Aha! Notebooks users to your Aha! Roadmaps account so they can view, edit, and create notes and whiteboards in selected workspaces — creating a tightly integrated workflow as you go from brainstorming to structured planning.

    Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team at and we would be happy to talk more about these plans with you.

    Learn more: Aha! Notebooks Advanced users

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