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Notebook Collaborators too Restrictive Merged

My team uses notebooks to push reports and other useful information to people within my company. Only a half of my team has to be making edits to the data within Aha, so that half have paid seats. However, the other half without paid seats still needs to be able to find which notebooks we're pushing to which people in my company. I have my reports folder structure set up for them to be able to determine that. But without being collaborators on a notebook (and paying for a seat to be a collaborator) they can't see the notebooks in our folder structure. I'd like for everyone on my team, even those with Reviewer and Viewer access, to be able to navigate my folder structure within Aha to see which reports and notebooks are going to which parties within my company.

  • Alex HOFFMAN
  • Jan 5 2018
  • Unlikely to implement