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Created on Jul 5, 2016

Retain selected product when clicking "save idea + create another"

If I have two products (Fredwin Cycling and Fredwin Running) and I am adding Ideas to Fredwin Running, right now if I click "Save Idea + Create Another" it will reload with the default product, which may be Fredwin Cycling.

It would be nice if the currently selected product remained after clicking this button - in most cases if I am adding a bunch of ideas they are for a single product, from a single conversation. 

    Jul 5, 2016

    The product dropdown in the "New idea" modal is based on the product dropdown shown in the top navigation.

    It uses the product that you've selected at the very top level. So that best way to achieve this would be to navigate to the product of interest and add ideas from there. This would allow you to easily ad many products for a single product.

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