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Created on Jun 10, 2016

Managed ideas at product line level (navigation primarily)

It would be very useful for the ideas section to be available at product line level as well as product and for it to roll up ideas from contained lines/products.

Where a product owner manages several products (in our case, a significant number of products) a single view of ideas to process and respond to saves a huge amount of time.

You can currently work around this by going to a product, into the ideas section and then fiddling with the filters... but this is rather clunky. Navigation to the ideas section doesn't exist at the line level and adding this would lesson the clunk.

Having the ideas overview etc... roll up ideas from its level and levels underneath with a context based filter would be an ideal fix and I would of thought a significant feature for idea management.

    Jun 15, 2016

    As noted, this is currently possible from the Ideas -> List page. You can set various filters and save the views (so that the views do not need to be created each time). We would suggest leveraging this view to easily handle requests across multiple products.

    It's possible to create charts from the Reports->Chart page to reflect the additional visualizations shown through the Ideas overview page for products.

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  • Steve Rudkin
    Feb 17, 2023

    Suggested workarounds are not as elegant or user friendly out of the box. Why can't there be an overview page similar to a product that is available when a product line is selected that shows the idea or whatever rollup for the workspaces beneath without having to create a new report for each product line or item (epic, feature, idea, etc)?

  • Dave Tucker
    Jun 12, 2017

    I agree that this would be a very useful feature and raised a support case to see if it could be done. The suggested workarounds are not great.