List view of Ideas should be separate for each product

It doesn't make sense to be in a product and see ideas from another. I know that I can filter out what I don't need, but this is unnecessary. If I wanted to make an ideas list of all or multiple products, I would just go to Reports. When clicking on a certain product, and then go to Ideas -> List, and see other things it makes people confused.

  • Brian Campillo
  • Nov 20 2015
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    Danny Archer commented
    November 25, 2015 18:42

    Hi Brian,

    The Ideas and Features list views are both global by design and provide a set of functionality the reports -> list does not. The Ideas and Features list allow you to bulk edit.

    Restricting the list views to a single product would prevent the ability to perform actions such as bulk moving ideas between products.

    The way it works today is if you are viewing the default view of the page it automatically applies filters to filter for the specific product you are looking at. The same functionality is true for the various other view type screens such as the reports and roadmaps. They automatically display data related to the product you are navigated to until you customize the screen and chose to display data differently.

  • Jason Doherty commented
    August 01, 2017 09:23

    Unfortunately while your explanation is correct, you do end up with having to make lots of extra clicks to get stuff done.  You also end up adding an idea to the currently selected product, even though you've filtered the idea list to show the currently filtered idea list unrelated to the current product.

  • Troy Beyer commented
    August 02, 2017 22:45

    I believe the "Default view" should be displayed first...then if someone wants to customize the view they can create one and save it for future reference.  it is not intuitive to be in a product, click on the ideas tab and then see ideas that reside in other products.  Please reconsider this and make the default view the one that comes up immediately.