Allow the JIRA integration to support mapping to more than one JIRA issue type and in Aha provide the ability to select the JIRA issue type to sync with

We use Aha for both Feature Requests and Defects and need to be able to designate if the JIRA issue type is an Epic, Story or Bug when linking to JIRA.

  • Kevin Konishi
  • Apr 13 2016
  • Already exists
Release time frame
  • Jun 16, 2016

    Admin Response

    The best way to achieve this today is to would be to configure multiple JIRA integrations. Each integration would be separately linked to Epics, stories or bugs. 

    By putting this in place, this would allow you to create features and defects in Aha! and designate them in JIRA based on the issue type of interest.

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  • Kevin Konishi commented
    April 13, 2016 21:19

    You misunderstood, look at the attached file.  For the "Feature" issue type it can only be mapped to one JIRA issue type, I need to be able to map to one or more.

  • Kevin Konishi commented
    April 13, 2016 21:21

    Sorry here is the file

  • Todd D. commented
    April 20, 2016 12:19

    Same thought as Kevin - an Idea that comes in may be a bug or a one line change, or it may be "epic-big".  Having the ability to "Send to JIRA as..." and allowing the user to specify an Issue Type would be hugely helpful, even if it can only populate the shared fields.

  • Guest commented
    June 16, 2016 15:58

    This is something we desire also. Please remove the "Already Exists" label because that's not accurate and will garner it less attention.

  • Heather Read commented
    December 02, 2016 18:03

    So for this to work we have to install a JIRA integration for each Feature type? Can you provide some specific instructions on how the rest of the integration template should be filled out relating to the auto-import fields so we can implement the set up correctly?

  • Jacob Bockelmann commented
    January 11, 2017 06:02

    Ditto to Heather and Marc. This feature doesn't already exist and if your work around is to create multiple Jira integrations you should provide instructions for how to do so.

  • Max Cascone commented
    February 09, 2017 17:58

    I have the same issue with the VSTS integration. Without a separate Bug type in the Aha schema, or ideally, a separate category in the Integration configuration for Bugs, you'd need to create a specific integration for Bugs that map Aha Features to VSTS (or Jira) Bugs.

  • Steve T commented
    April 24, 2017 17:32

    I see no benefit on explcit mapping except more headache. When I click on Actions -> Link to JIRA I need to map to whatever issue type we ever defined in JIRA and or default issue types. 

  • Steve T commented
    April 24, 2017 17:33

    I typed a lot and now your login process has deleted all my comments.


    The same with this issue, I just want it to map over everything I dont need additional headaches, they serve no purpose. Thank you

  • Rob Parrish commented
    August 24, 2017 19:59

    Same issue. This doesn't already exist, though i understand the work around.

    For example, lack of this capability prevents me from pushing a whole release at once to JIRA. As that release can include both bugs and story & and improvement tickets. All of which must be sync'd separately.