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Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by Stephanie Lechner
Created on Nov 22, 2023

Improving handling when Jira users change issue type across record hierarchy

Who would benefit?

Users of Jira integration

What impact would it make?

Users who are changing issue types in Jira after records are integrated.

How should it work?

Right now, if a Jira user changes an issue type on an integrated record, the integration is inconsistent when this change is across the record hierarchy.

Example: I have Aha! Features mapped to Jira Stories and Aha! Epics mapped to Jira Epics. I integrate an Aha! feature to create a Jira story, and a jira user changes this issue type to Epics.

At that point, all future webhook activity on this record is ignored because there is no Feature to Epic mapping. No new records are created because the integration sees one exists already, so all activity is skipped.

Changes to at least some fields in Aha! do update the JIra epic even though no such relationship is mapped.

Can we make this consistent in either direction and provide clearer error logging if our integration cannot support this issue type change.

Dream state: in some cases, could this change result in an Aha! record being converted to the default mapped type for the new Issue type?

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