The Jira integration should allow the sending of a release to Jira and properly map the feature types to Jira issue types.

Today, sending a release converts all the feature types to the default Jira issue type specified in the Jira integration mappings. This makes the release level integration useless if you manage different feature types in Aha (e.g. bug, defect, feature)

  • Andrew Sweet
  • May 2 2019
  • Future consideration
Release time frame
  • May 6, 2019

    Admin Response

    Thank you for your idea. We do not currently have plans to make changes here but we will continue to monitor feedback on this idea. In the meantime, we would suggest using bulk edit to send multiple features at a time to Jira. From the features list, you can filter by feature type, select the features, and send them as the correct issue type you would like them to map to in Jira. We hope this helps in the meantime.

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