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Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by Karie Kelly
Created on May 28, 2022

When sending an Epic to Jira, allow sending of all /updates to Features

Currently, when you send an Epic to Jira, all of its features are sent, but they are sent as the default Feature type instead of the types that they were actually categorized.

Often the product person is working in Aha! and doesn't want to yet send information over to Jira for engineering to review as they are in the planning / outlining stage.

But once done, they should be able to send over all that they have done without manual correction.

Workarounds include:

Sending the epic over and going into Jira > Move each issue to its correct issue type - Inefficient.

Copy the Epic's contents from Aha! and spend time linking the two together > manually sending over each Aha! feature.

When users do the first, they sometimes don't realize that all of their types were updated and doesn't change which results in inaccurate record types / reporting.

When sending an Epic to Jira, having it continue to send all of its Features, but send them as the right Type based on the mapping.

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