Custom Fields for To-dos

IT would be great to have custom field support for to-dos. We use the to do to priortise the tasks between the team, if we had a custom field, this would make sorting and reporting easier.


A Comments field against to dos would also be really helpful 

  • Matt Ratcliffe
  • Mar 2 2016
  • Future consideration
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  • Andrew Overby commented
    30 Apr 03:00pm


  • Chad Meyers commented
    15 Apr 04:15pm

    Comments is a temporary approach but to-do comments are not a filterable field in reports. I would like the custom field to be able to add a Source of the to-do to track and report ones created from our company program or portfolio reviews to summarized follow-up and progress.

    Custom fields for To-Dos would need to be an available field for report filters please.

  • morgan robertson commented
    12 Mar 09:23pm

    Bump bump.

    Currently using 'to-do's to track tasks against epics, kind of like phases and milestones but against epics not releases (in our releases we have multiple epics and each epic has specific phases and milestones which are more granular then the release level.

    To help schedule activities i want to set 'to-do's' with a start date (currently only can add end date). Ability to add custom fields to 'to-do's; would solve this problem for me.

  • Rachel Hiatt commented
    28 Oct, 2019 02:18pm

    It would be extremely useful if in the Epic view, we could see who each To-Do is assigned to. We use to-dos for UX and PM activities. If we could see who is assigned without having to open each to-do, that would make standups and tracking much easier.

  • Claudius Metze commented
    3 Sep, 2019 02:41pm

    We are also looking for this functionality to priotise and report To-dos!

  • Jonathan Bier commented
    3 Jun, 2019 02:10pm

    To-dos should be treated like every other feature.   We were looking at using them to manage customer escalations.  Without customizing, the ability to turn them into useful reports is severely lacking.

  • Guest commented
    8 Jan, 2019 09:03pm

    We could really benefit from this as well. One example is setting a To Do start date. If we are planning ahead, lets say we know it will take 1 month to complete a task. If we could set a start date we could then know we need to start on or before that date to have a chance to hit the end date. If we don't start by that date then we may already have an indication 1 month ahead of time we won't complete a task on time. Great for planning and staying ahead of schedule!

  • Christine Hong commented
    31 Dec, 2018 04:46pm

    Great idea !! I support this.

  • Robyn Diamond commented
    12 Dec, 2018 09:22pm

    We need to be able to link My Work to-do's to records or move record to-do's to other records.

  • David Greenwood commented
    3 Dec, 2018 08:02pm

    There are so many reasons to have this capability. No Status,  Est Hrs or Custom Project Values can be added. For us,  one of the key shortcomings of Aha. Sitting here as an idea for nearly 3 years? Any ETA? 

  • Ken Hinton commented
    10 Nov, 2017 06:15pm

    Custom fields for To-Dos would be a huge win for out company. We would actually be able to start using them if we could add fields that are needed for our business processes. 

  • Troy Beyer commented
    6 Nov, 2017 10:22pm

    I agree with the need to add Status to ToDos.  Ideal a visual status that can be customized (not started, on track, off track, blocked etc..)

  • Roy Nuriel commented
    28 Sep, 2016 04:54pm

    We need the ability to add status to To Do - Would be great if you can add it to the tool and also give us the flexibility to add additional fields. This may impact our decision if we are adopting the tool internally or not.

  • Dave Kolas commented
    8 Sep, 2016 06:07pm

    We were thinking of using todos for management level tasks related to products and releases (setting up meetings, getting paperwork in place, etc).  It would be useful to have custom fields on the todos to help drive custom reporting on status etc.

  • Admin
    Chris Waters commented
    2 Mar, 2016 11:47pm

    Your request for custom fields on to-dos is a reasonable one.

    You should see that you can already add comments to to-dos. Also, if you reply to a to-do email from Aha! your response will automatically be converted to a comment on the to-do.

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