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Created by Guest
Created on Mar 2, 2016

Custom Fields for To-dos

IT would be great to have custom field support for to-dos. We use the to do to priortise the tasks between the team, if we had a custom field, this would make sorting and reporting easier.


A Comments field against to dos would also be really helpful 

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  • Shaun Jacob
    Jan 23, 2023

    Really need this feature.

  • Tej Namala
    Nov 7, 2022

    Much needed feature!

  • Shri Iyer
    May 20, 2022

    Product management is all about shepherding and for shepherding to-do's are key. Custom fields to group to-do's or label them as part of a bucket such as Ideation, research, planning, review etc. is extremely key.

  • Andrew Sharpe
    Apr 1, 2022

    Most definitely a vote for this one - custom fields are really useful and they would make To-do's super flexible.

  • Karie Kelly
    May 21, 2021

    Be very helpful for reporting as we have different types of to-dos and being able to create reports that are associated with specific processes would help us in managing these work queues and figure out what is and is not working.

  • Tim Sullivan
    Apr 20, 2021

    I am reaching out to you to help me take one more step from having to use excel as an additional tool to manage Product Readiness. The ability to track all the of the Product Readiness task with each feature and then be able to tie that to the release dates to ensure / track how the tasks are doing in relation to the release of the feature/Epic. As we all know there is nothing worse than having completed code but someone forget to ensure the contracts were updated or schedule the implementation of a new GL so that we could get paid for this new feature. Please oh Please, do not make me use Excel for this task. I am sure I can find a way to use the Project Manager workspace, but it seems a lot easier to define the task within the feature itself. Thank you and if you know of another way to easily manage this with Aha!, I am open to all options.

    Thank you

  • Jenny Swanson
    Feb 3, 2021

    Yes please! We'd like to be able to assign a name to the to-do even if that person is not an aha user. Our workaround is to include the name at the beginning of the description fields with a delimiter after it, then after exporting the to-do list to excel, doing 'text to columns' to split out the name to a new column so we can sort it. But it would be nice to have custom fields so that we can use broader Aha functionality with that non-Aha user assignee custom field.

  • Dylan D'Erminio
    Nov 13, 2020

    I think this would be great because our to-do's under release phases represent our PDLC steps, and with custom fields for to-do's we can align them and visualize them better

  • Mike Levinson
    Jul 30, 2020

    Would be a great enhancement so that environment check boxes can be added. E.g Sandbox, Test, Production.

  • Euganeshkaran K
    Jul 27, 2020

    Being able to customise the to-do layout will go a long way in managing to-dos in a program. For example, during planning, we would identify a number of to-dos that will need to be accomplished throughout a program and so we should be able to specify the start dates of to-dos so that the pivot report can be better depicted.

    In addition, it would be great to be able to link to-dos in a requirement to display dependencies at this level!

  • Gabe Pinedo
    Jun 24, 2020

    We're implementing process changes that leverage to-do functionality, and this feature would greatly help.

    For example, since custom fields are not available we're thinking of creating "dummy" users so that we can report and filter to-dos in ways that make sense. In essence we may have multiple to-do's assigned to "Marketing User" so that teams are able to filter tasks that require something from our Marketing team.

    That's just one simple example, but having custom fields in to-do's would really make it robust to support a lot of business processes to support feature development and readiness.

  • Andrew Overby
    Apr 30, 2020


  • Chad Meyers
    Apr 15, 2020

    Comments is a temporary approach but to-do comments are not a filterable field in reports. I would like the custom field to be able to add a Source of the to-do to track and report ones created from our company program or portfolio reviews to summarized follow-up and progress.

    Custom fields for To-Dos would need to be an available field for report filters please.

  • morgan robertson
    Mar 12, 2020

    Bump bump.

    Currently using 'to-do's to track tasks against epics, kind of like phases and milestones but against epics not releases (in our releases we have multiple epics and each epic has specific phases and milestones which are more granular then the release level.

    To help schedule activities i want to set 'to-do's' with a start date (currently only can add end date). Ability to add custom fields to 'to-do's; would solve this problem for me.

  • Rachel Hiatt
    Oct 28, 2019

    It would be extremely useful if in the Epic view, we could see who each To-Do is assigned to. We use to-dos for UX and PM activities. If we could see who is assigned without having to open each to-do, that would make standups and tracking much easier.

  • Claudius Metze
    Sep 3, 2019

    We are also looking for this functionality to priotise and report To-dos!

  • Jonathan Bier
    Jun 3, 2019

    To-dos should be treated like every other feature.   We were looking at using them to manage customer escalations.  Without customizing, the ability to turn them into useful reports is severely lacking.

  • Guest
    Jan 8, 2019

    We could really benefit from this as well. One example is setting a To Do start date. If we are planning ahead, lets say we know it will take 1 month to complete a task. If we could set a start date we could then know we need to start on or before that date to have a chance to hit the end date. If we don't start by that date then we may already have an indication 1 month ahead of time we won't complete a task on time. Great for planning and staying ahead of schedule!

  • Christine Hong
    Dec 31, 2018

    Great idea !! I support this.

  • Guest
    Dec 12, 2018

    We need to be able to link My Work to-do's to records or move record to-do's to other records.

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