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Status Future consideration
Categories To-dos
Created by Guest
Created on May 2, 2016
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Add label or priority to todo Merged

We are working from a timeline based on todo items from within all parts of Aha!. But we are lacking some kind of priority marks on this todo items. Please could you add a priority field (integer) or a tag field (where we can define our own tags) on todo items?

In reports it then should be possible to filter and sort on this new field, allowing us to get items with same priority together.

  • Frank Fuchs
    Nov 5, 2020

    Another Consideration of tagging is to reclassify work.

    Example To Do: Validate all Royalty agreements with Finance.

    If I had tags I would use #comp for work I need to do at my computer or send out that email.

    After I sent the request via email I change the tag to #wait.

    Now I am not the bottle neck, but I can sort all my to-dos with #wait and follow up on thing that I expected, but have not received yet.

    Tags at the To-Do level would give me unlimited extensibility.

  • Frank Fuchs
    Mar 18, 2020

    In my experience, all To-Do list suffer the same fate. The more you put more into them the less useful they become. At first the excitement of tool causes more and more to be entered. Soon after the excitement wears off you are left with an amorphous blob of unstructured work. The only remedy I have found is to tag the “to do” item itself. Using context tags and next up tags or priority tags, I can filter down the blob to the few things I need to focus on TODAY. So not only do I support tags, but being able to filter by tags in MY WORK and save the view, would give me my personal daily todo list.

  • Guest
    Nov 12, 2019

    Fully agree.  Todo's are great for non-product associated items.  What I mean is, I don't want to have any Features or requirements represent quick work items.  Todos could have much more potential if they got some basic Product Management function such as status/workflow state ("to do, in progress, done" etc), labels, and priority, and could even be viewed in a Kanban board.


    Thanks guys!

  • David Royal
    Apr 16, 2018

    I think it would be useful to have sub-tasks associated with a to-do item as well. For example, I'm working on configuring Jira for our institution, and would like to do something like this:

    To do: Complete Jira Configuration, due date X

      - Sub Task 1

      - Sub Task 2

      - and so on

  • Melissa Johnson
    Jan 4, 2018

    I want to move our team to Aha for task management because we share the tasks. It's unusable the way it is because there's no way to identify priority.

    We need the ability to set a priority on a task and have the option to sort by due date or priority.

  • Admin
    Chris Waters
    Aug 17, 2016

    If you need to group and report on to-dos it sounds a little like you should be using Features instead. 

  • Mat Wood
    Aug 17, 2016

    I second this. On our demo we saw how Aha use Aha to manage many of their internal operations task recording. When we have attempted to use To-Do's for this they are not rich enough in terms of being able to categorise and group them.


To Do Priority

It would be great if you could attach priority to To Dos so you can put them in priority order, particularly when you have multiple due on the same date OR if there is no real due date behind a to do at all and you would do them in order of priori...
Sherri Anderson almost 4 years ago in To-dos 0 Future consideration