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Created on Jan 14, 2016

Add a standard set of requirements to a feature

When using requirements for estimations as an input to roadmap planning, it would be helpful to be able to add a standard set of requirements to the feature, for example where each requirement might identify a different resource type for estimation prior to assignment to a particular person.

This is similar to the existing ability to add a standard set of phases to a release.

    Feb 20, 2016

    There is a potential workaround which may help with this specific scenario.

    You could create a Parking Lot release called "Templates." In this area, you can could create a variety of standard feature types and apply your standard set of requirements to each of them.

    As you create your new features, you can simply copy one of the features from the template.

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  • Guest
    Oct 25, 2022

    I agree with previous commenters that the workaround is not friendly since it adds extra Parking Lot releases which makes data messy.

  • Guest
    Mar 11, 2020

    This is not a good workaround... definitely isn't an 'Already Exist' that's for sure.. please can this be reviewed again (along with all the ideas merged)!

  • Guest
    Oct 5, 2018

    The work around is cumbersome given the number of users I have


Feature to automatically have requirements on Add Feature

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Predefined requirements for features

This suggestion is to introduce predefined requirement items for newly created features. I want for every newly created feature of a certain type (e.g. New) to have for example “Add spec”, “Add docs”, “Add demos” requirements by default.
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