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Created by Guest
Created on Nov 27, 2015

Enable workflow to have a default assignee per step.

i have a workflow: Product Manager Validate->Architect Validate. When the Product Manager validates, I'd like the next step to move to Architecture validate AND the idea be assigned to a default architect.

    Jul 22, 2022

    Automation is now available for Enterprise+ customers.

    Automation rules can be used to streamline a variety of tasks in Aha!, including

    • Changing the assignee when the status changes

    • Copying the assignee from another field

    • Setting a default assignee per idea category

    Learn more

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  • Laura Giles
    Sep 21, 2018

    Requiring a lot of manual effort to have to keep a list of which licensed user it goes to next if we can't setup default assignee based on status and initial person has multiple possible owners but have defined resources based on product category. (i.e. let me reference my excel spreadsheet matrix to figure out who it goes to next)

  • Melissa Johnson
    Jul 14, 2018

    Also agree with Guest's comment. Why provide workflow at all if this basic functionality can't be accommodated? The argument given, [you can manually change this] is true of status changes overall.

    The amount of 'manual' things that need to be done in Aha is causing us to re-think the tool. It's coming to a point where all the many, although small, manual tasks are causing us to rethink the value (e.g. is administration of the tool taking more time than the value it provides?)

  • Guest
    Jul 7, 2017

    Have to agree with Guest's comment. The purpose here is automation, saving time. yea, its a few seconds here and there, but it adds up over the course of time. 

  • Guest
    Dec 14, 2015

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Without automatically assigning the task to a different person, it's not really a workflow solution. The whole point of workflow is to automate the flow of work across groups of people. If the system relies on those people having to know who to assign the next step to, it's not a lot better than outlook.

  • Ron Yang
    Dec 12, 2015

    As you already know, we have a wide variety of functionality which allows for custom workflows across different areas of Aha! We can see that having this additional layer can potentially save a click during these interactions. 

    However, based on our current priorities and the straightforward workaround of changing status and then selecting the assignee, we do not have plans to make changes in this area.


Custom workflow assign to a user

Its a must to be able to auto assign a user with an action within the custom workflow just like Jira does it.
Guest over 9 years ago in Application 0 Shipped

Ability to automatically assign a feature to someone based on the phase

When I have features hit a particular status it will always get assigned to the same person. It would save me time if I could set Aha to automatically assign that person to the feature when it first enters that status.
Guest almost 7 years ago in Application 0 Shipped