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Created by Praseetha Balakrishnan
Created on Feb 12, 2021

Fix auto generation of workflow approvals

I have approval gates set up for initiatives when transitioning from Conceive to Design, Validate to Design and Design to Ready. When I add a fresh new initiative it starts in the Not Started stage. When I transition it to Conceive, it auto generates the approval request for transitioning to Design. which is ridiculous because I just got to conceive and none of the work needed to approve has been done. It is confusing for the approver and can cause delays because I can't re-generate the approval request when I am ready for it. The approver has to then come into Aha, find the initiative and then approve, instead of being sent an auto generated email with the link at the appropriate time for approval.

It makes more sense to allow the user to decide when they're ready to transition to the next stage and then kick off the approval.

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    Kelly Sebes
    Feb 18, 2021

    Thank you for reaching out. Feel free to contact the customer success team to discuss setting up your workflow just as you want it.

    You will likely want to to set up your workflow as below:

    • Create a separate status for the approval period. For example, your initiative would transition from Conceive to Approve for design to Design.

    • An approval between Approve for design and Design would create the approval tasks when you change the status to Approve for design.

    • Then once approved, the initiative would automatically go to the Design status, and back to Conceive if rejected.