Configure workflows at the account level

All of our products need to use the same workflow.  The problem is that it is different than the default so I have to tediously adjust each product.  Would like to be able to set this at the account level and/or modify it in bulk.

  • Laura Bednasz
  • Dec 5 2016
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  • Vinay Sequeira commented
    December 05, 2016 19:00

    Yes, The ability to change the defaults to fit a company's process would be beneficial.

  • Max Cascone commented
    December 13, 2016 20:45

    This is a high need. Allow the workflows to be inherited for all items. If an entire company has a single workflow, fine; if each team has a unique workflow, also fine. But it's redundant to have to set all products within a product line the same way - allow them all to inherit from the product line.

  • Guest commented
    January 18, 2017 20:09

    Agreed, treat this like custom fields, in that all custom workflows and statuses (including idea workflow) can be inherited from parent product line, or overridden with a product-level custom workflow.   And the default for new product would be to inherit from parent product line.

  • Ewan Cameron commented
    01 Feb 09:23

    There are quite a few quirks in Aha where it struggles at scale, this is one of them, I'm about to migrate over 100 products to a new hierarchy and workflow.

  • Joe Carpenter commented
    23 Apr 21:54

    +1 on this.

    Can we get inheritance on Release Workflows?