Access personas custom fields from initiatives in reports column chooser

I have added a custom field to my epics (initiatives) called EngineerB. That custom field is of type persona. I also added a custom field to my personas called Engineering Team. I am trying to look at my epics by EngineerB (persona);

put another way, I am trying to see all epics for a given EngineerB in a single row. I am also trying to group the EngineerBs by Engineering Team. So each EngineerB should appear in a single grouping of Engineering Team. However an epic may appear in multiple rows if I have tagged it with multiple personas (EngineerB).

Is there a way to access the personas custom fields, through initiatives, in the reports column chooser, so that I can create the above report?


Ability to create reports which include a Persona custom field, against another custom field from a Persona

  • Melissa Hopkins
  • Nov 20 2015
  • Unlikely to implement
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