When adding features with estimates to Release Roadmap screen, start/due date should auto-fill based on estimate (if not already set)

What would work for me, is the following workflow:
I create a new feature in the parking lot

I set the estimate to 8w, but leave start date and end date empty

I drag the new feature to the Development Release

What I see on the timeline is a bar that is only 8w in size, not filling up the entire release

I can then drag the feature around like a puzzle piece to have it fit with pre-existing development plans

I can also move around pre-existing feature because their size is right

I now have a pretty good layout and can match the development release against the real planned releases

Where I see alignment, I can move the feature from the development release to the real planned release

What might make this all make more sense for you is to know that we work from the bottom up. The Engineers drive the planning and decide what makes the most sense to pursue. In this manner we have been hugely successful. The way that works, is that the real releases occur quarterly, but we dont commit to what exactly is in those releases. We hold quality as the highest priority and will only put something out if it is ready. If we thought a feature would align with one real release but discover we are wrong, then we simply move it to the next real release. Engineers are empowered to lay out their plans first and then inform the release director what they think will fit in the future releases. Making that process easier and more accurate for the Engineers is what I want to use Aha for.

  • Suzanne Vaughan
  • Nov 11 2015
  • Unlikely to implement
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