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Categories Jira
Created by Avigail Ehrenhaus
Created on Oct 14, 2015

I need "Master Release" to appear in Jira

We use Master Releases when we have multiple products shipping together.  I need the Master Release name to appear in Jira for reporting.

I'm flexible as to how this can be done.  Maybe a way to create a custom field on the feature level that auto-populates with the Master Release name?

This will help me get PMO buy in on the use of the Aha-Jira integration.

    Feb 19, 2016

    Master releases contain phases and milestones - used as a way to manage a suite of products that are often released on the same date. Note that master releases do not contain features, but rather that the sub-releases at the product level contain feature content.

    One potential workaround would be to add a custom field to manually enter the Master Release name. You can also associate this to a custom field in JIRA.

    We do not currently have plans to automate these custom fields or integrate at the master release level (since master releases do not contain features), but hope that the manual workaround can potentially work for you. 

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