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Status Future consideration
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Created by Guest
Created on Jun 17, 2019

Add a way to push all features from a master release to Jira at once

I am managing a few master releases right now with dates that are moving around, and it is currently time-consuming to send updated release dates of all sub-releases to Jira (and easy to miss one!). I’d also like the ability to reshape features, etc. across a bunch of sub-releases and send to Jira once. Can you please add a “send sub-releases to Jira” option to master releases?

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  • Naveen Dorai
    Aug 9, 2023

    I would like to reiterate to Aha team to add this request to the roadmap plan to optimize the integration with Jira.

  • Monica Morris
    Aug 7, 2023

    This functionality would be extremely helpful for me as an Aha and Jira Admin, and make the integration between Aha and Jira a lot more useful.

    Right now I'm managing Roll-up releases that have dozens of Sub-releases associated with them. Each Sub-release is associated with a different workspace, and each of those workspaces are integrated with a different Jira project.

    In order to send the Sub-releases to their respective Jira projects so that dev teams can start tagging work against those releases, I have to go through each Sub-release individually. We have several dozen workspaces, so if I'm creating for example, three new Roll-up releases, that can mean hundreds of separate system actions I have to take!

    It would be VERY helpful and save me a lot of time if I could send all Sub-releases in a Roll-up release to their respective Jira project integrations with a single system action.