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Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 5, 2019

For Jira integration, enable ability to prevent releases being automatically created in Jira (and/or enable this for releases in parking lot)

Right now we have an integration set up between Jira and Aha (which is extremely useful). However, whenever a feature in Aha that's linked to an issue in Jira has its release updated (e.g. moved from "v1.12.0" to "Backlog"), if the release to which the feature is added isn't one that's already linked in Jira, it will auto-create a new release in Jira (in this case, "Backlog"). This has led to Jira being somewhat cluttered with releases that are just organizational buckets within Aha (e.g. "Backlog" or "High Priority" etc.).

We could make it such that all outgoing changes would have to be approved and wouldn't occur automatically, but this would be a pain and added burden for all the things we do want to occur automatically. So we just want the ability to prevent releases from being automatically created.

One way this might be accomplished is simply for releases in Aha that are in the parking lot to not automatically create releases in Jira?

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