Roll-up (Product line) initiatives should set their dates automatically from their contained initiatives

Now that initiatives have their own start-end dates, it would be super helpful (and logical) if a product-line roll-up initiative could set it's dates automatically from the initiatives that are rolled-up rather than from releases to which it is linked.

In roadmap planning we are looking a year or more ahead and we have initiatives that we are working on but no idea yet to which release(s) they will be linked.


This would allow us to create dynamic reports on product line initiatives (which we report to company stakeholders) based on the delivery of product initiatives (Which we use for planning within the product group.)

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  • Oct 9 2015
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  • Alan Kell commented
    November 01, 2016 16:01

    To add to this, it would be great if you had the option for Initiatives to get their end dates from their contained Releases, and Product Line’s could then get their end date from the child initiatives. This would allow us to see when an initiative is likely to be complete based on it’s child releases. If a new release appears do to features not being shipped you would see that an initiative, and subsequently it’s parent product line delivery date has slipped. (Apologies if this isn’t what you meant in this feature).