Auto calculate timeline or duration of Company Level or Product Level Initiatives

It would be useful if the product initiative timelines would automatically and dynamically update the company level initiative timelines they are connected to or linked.  

In our particular case I have defined our company level initiatives to represent "Programs" and have linked multiple initiatives across products that contribute to that program.  When timelines are set at the product level it would be great if the initiative timeline would pick these up to show when the company level initiative will start/end.  

In its present state I create filters to identify all the Product initiatives that relate to a Company Initiative and manually adjust the start and end dates at the company level initiatives.

We are currently building a 3-5 year high level roadmap for products as part of a transformation and in order for the C-Level to make decisions they want to be able to visualise what certain changes in prioritisation/selection does to the overall timeline at the company initiative level and which programs to invest in/how much to invest in them.

  • Samit Patel
  • Apr 19 2017
  • Likely to implement
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