Filter for ideas with no category

Currently there's no way filter categories (or any other column) to see which ones are empty.

I can set it to a specific category or "any" but there's no way to set it to "Empty" or do a negative filter like "doesn't have (specific category)".

  • Jake Spirek
  • Sep 22 2015
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  • Allie Seymour commented
    March 01, 2016 19:57

    This would be great to help us keep everything categorized

  • Brian Goleno commented
    March 07, 2016 18:21

    This would help us as well. When Ideas come in, we do not require a category, but I want to watch for ideas with no category so that they may be categorized, and therefore assigned to the appropriate PM.

  • Mark Martel commented
    March 16, 2017 20:18

    Having ability to negative filter would be very helpful.

    Right now I have a board that's dominated by features with a certain label. Sometimes it's really hard to see the features that don't have that label, so they quite literally end up with less attention.

  • Jennifer Beecher commented
    June 26, 2017 09:44

    Same thing here - sometimes an idea will slip through the categorization cracks and currently the only way to find those is to go through the whole list.

  • Marie Sligh commented
    October 11, 2018 16:21

    Thanks! This is going to be a BIG help with my reports!