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Created by Chris Waters
Created on Sep 4, 2015

Mobile app for published notebooks (iOS, Android, native...)

Hello, I was wondering, for the shared notbook. Is there any plan to make it responsive? when I see in my cell phone it not responsive and quite difficult to read. Otherwise, is there any phone application to easy the process of reading the roadmap? I am not interested in the private area, but only on the shared notebook, to make sure than any type of user is able to easily read.
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  • Ravi Vedala
    Apr 26, 2019

    I am new to Aha! Wondering if this feature is already made available or any plans in near future?


  • Sean Smyth
    Jan 3, 2019

    We need our notebooks to be optimized for a mobile browser experience.  Expected use cases are - emailing a link and opening from gmail app or a mail app on a smark phone (this experience is currently 100% unusable as there is no way to move to the next slide.  The other use case is copying the link and pasting it into your phone's web browser (this experience is clunking as it's hard to find the buttons to view the next slide and the slides don't look good). 

  • Michael Hopkin
    Dec 21, 2015

    I agree with Juan, the world's going mobile. Sure, we want to set things up from the MacBook, but let me look/add/update from my phone.

  • Guest
    Sep 4, 2015

    Future is about tablets, cell phones, etc. That is why I think it will be a nice Aha! enhacement

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