Release phase and milestone dependency improvements to make easier to use and provide greater visualization

We're trying to establish a way to show dependencies between releases and be able to visualize those. There are currently 2 ways to show some sort of dependency:
-feature to feature
-milestone/phase to milestone/phase

I have read the article on the later here- which is great but it feels a bit like these are second class citizens beyond the ability to create the link. If you click on one of the milestones or phases, you see the dependencies you have created but it just lists the other milestone/phase without a release name. So, if you have a phase in each release called Development, there's no way to tell which one (in a text format) it is referring to (makes it impossible to tell where it really comes from if you have collapsed the releases in this view). Also when you click on the milestone/phase, you can add dependent or dependency but only from this release.

If you have done feature-to-feature dependencies, these show up here and under the feature but any milestone/phase dependencies don't show up under the feature.

Finally, this is the only place the connections can be visualized. This is an extremely important piece to us since we are heavily reliant on deliverables from other groups in the company. Today we have to read (and digest) dates to figure out that a date slip is going to cause us problems. I think this is a classic and valuable problem we want Aha! to help us with (it has all of the data!).

So, I'm not asking for date and plans but what I'd like help with is how we can start to load some of these dependencies if you have some secret plan to do some fantastic visualization of this information. For example, if it's going to get tied to milestones/phases, I'm ok with us starting to map those properly so we have the data loaded when the time comes. If those are going to get replaced with something different and we shouldn't waste our time, I'd appreciate knowing that too.

So, any help/guidance you can provide would be appreciated.
  • Chris Waters
  • Sep 2 2015
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