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We recently started using Aha to help manage our projects. It is important to note however that those are recruitments projects and not software development. It means we had to change the terminology (because “features”, “release”, etc. doesn’t make much sense in the context of a recruitment) as well as create a custom “Release template”. This custom template has phases/milestones like “Approval of Job Description”, “Publication of vacancy”, etc.


Now let’s say I create a new release (which would equal to a new recruitment), using this custom template. When the release is created, it automatically adds every phase/milestone of the custom template. However, if I delete one phase or milestone (because for instance we at first think that we will skip this specific part) then want to add it again afterwards (because we went back on our decision) using the “New phase” or “New milestone” button, I unfortunately cannot select a specific phase/milestone from the template. I have to retype the name, recreate the dependencies, etc.


Would it be possible, when adding a new phase/milestone to be able to select from the release template? While still being able to add a phase/milestone that is not in the template of course.


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  • Oct 11 2017
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