Allow or public portals to block search engine indexing.

We want to have our idea portal to be easily accessed by employees, but not by the public.  I had been relying on the fact the portal was embedded in an intranet site to allow for security through obscurity, but have since learned the pages are indexed and searchable.

Having the option to turn off the indexing, like what is done for private portals would be ideal. 

  • Gord McNeill
  • Aug 24 2015
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  • Hue To commented
    June 01, 2016 15:31

    Has this been implemented?

  • Lindsay Hanrahan commented
    August 19, 2016 18:57

    We are just starting to implement the Ideas Portal with our customers. Are you saying that even if the portal is behind your own secured customer portal that the content of it is searchable and that when it shows up in a search result any user in the general public can get in that way?

  • Admin
    Chris Waters commented
    August 19, 2016 19:14

    If your portal is set to private or submit-only then the ideas cannot be indexed by any search engine. If it is set to public then it is possible that a search engine will discover the portal and index the content so you should not assume that it is private.