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Created on Jun 25, 2015

Link Idea to Salesforce Account

The SFDC integration is fantastic, but we're finding the association with an Opportunity or Case aren't really the right place for us to make a relationship with Ideas. Most of our customer feature requests arrive after the opportunity has closed, and our support organization isn't using the SFDC to manages cases.

The natural place for us would be to allow our sales teams to link or create an idea against an SFDC Account. Would be great if this was an additional association you could make in the connector.


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    Chris Waters
    Jul 1, 2015

    You can now associate ideas with accounts directly by installing the latest version of the Salesforce application here. Then add the Aha! ideas visualforce page to the Accounts page, in the same way as for Opportunities and Cases.

    The value of the idea will be computed from the total activated orders for the account.