Having Multiple Success Metrics to same Goals.

Be able to have multiple success metrics for the same goal. Because a major goal could be divided into multiple KPIs. Or just be able to group the Goals.

  • Torben Hinge
  • Apr 9 2015
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  • Scott Bleasdell commented
    23 Jul 12:54

    @admin, is this really implemented?  It isn't as far as I can tell.  And I think there is value in this idea.  For example, I have an organization-level goal of overhauling our engineering organization, which means implementing Agile methodology, increasing QA automation, and implementing other SDLC best practices.  Sure, I could break theses out into individual goals, but when combined with other financial goals at the same level, it muddies the water quite a bit.  It would be far better to have multiple success metrics for this one "Overhaul Engineering" goal.  Thoughts?