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Created on Apr 6, 2015

Show more than 50 features in Features --> List

I understand wanting to limit the returned results when a product/product line has many, many features.  It seems like it'd be good to default to a certain acceptable value but allow an "all" display view option.


Additionally, it does not seem intuitive that by selecting all (when only 1-50 of 60 is shown) will cascade bulk edits to all 60 until you look at the print at the top of the bulk edit tool.  It causes an extra few steps to look at the next page (or all pages if greater than 100 features) and only then to select the ALL button.

    Jan 7, 2016

    We currently show 50 items per page to ensure the highest quality of application performance. As eluded to in the idea description, the reason why this list cannot be an "All" display is because it would slow down the load time for the page, along with any changes made.

    As such we do not have plans to make changes in this area as we feel that the load time is the most important factor when viewing the page (vs. the ability to see more information -- which can be done by going to the next page).

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  • Bob K
    Jul 6, 2022

    Can this be revisited now that technology has progressed over the past 6 years?

  • Nick Christie
    Apr 16, 2018

    I don't feel it's necessary to show 'all' rows regardless of the number but would appreciate being able to scroll through a feature list of more than 50 rows. Many backlogs are longer than this, especially when multiple releases or multiple teams are involved. 250 rows would be a better maximum page size without getting lost in the results and being compelled to paginate or filter.
    Performance is an understandable concern, but the financial reporting application I am a product manager for is capable of displaying thousands of rows with dozens of columns very effectively, so I know it can be done.