Idea submission method type + filter

Much like any omni-channel heldesk tool, the Aha platform allows for a variety of ways to submit an idea - be it manually from within Aha, bulk upload, via email, a chat bot, multiple portals, account specific portal, zendesk/sfdc/jira/uservoice, etc or other defined API use such as direct product integration.

Each method can require different integration & response teams as well as different workflows so platform owners need ability to monitor/report on channel use, volume for optimization of those submission channels. 

We need one (1) consolidated field to capture submission method and be able to filter on for any submission type. The field should have a pre-defined value for every idea created.

Today, Aha only has an idea portal field which

1  isn't filterable

2. doesn't show a submission type if manually created within Aha

3  Isn't required for bulk uploads or api/integration submissions**

**unless we create a portal for every submission method which isn't ideal as that workaround has its own set of issues and risks.

  • Laura Giles
  • Apr 3 2019
  • Future consideration
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