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Status Future consideration
Categories Slack
Created by Noble Ackerson
Created on Mar 2, 2018

Slack integration for portal users to submit ideas

Currently only Aha! Users and Reviewers can add Ideas via Slack integration. Non-Users/Reviewers have always been able to submit ideas via the web portal so extending that as part of Slack -> Aha! seems like a next step. 

Our users would like to submit ideas via slack as a portal user so that as an admin, I don't have to use workarounds like Zapier.

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  • Melissa Johnson
    Oct 2, 2018

    Completely agree with this suggestion. The way it is implemented today is very limiting.

    Ideally, Aha would create a Slack bot specifically for ideas along with admin ability to set defaults/identify fields. For example, I would like a bot to be used for all the ideas coming from my internal team. I would set up the bot to create new ideas only and set a default product. After typing /idea, the bot could ask the user first for the idea title, then for a detailed descritption.

    Feedback from my team is they don’t submit ideas because they have to navigate to the site. Our team lives in Slack and I think this enhancement would make our relationship with Aha much more sticky.

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Make it possible for all idea portal users to create ideas via Slack integraiton

At the moment, it's only possible for contributors of Aha to submit ideas inside Slack. This doesn't make much sense product owners / contributors all spend a lot of time in the browser version of AHa. To make the Slack integration actually usefu...
Oskar K over 4 years ago in Slack 0 Future consideration