Share a Feature / Master Feature

Currently a Feature / Master Feature cannot be "shared" across products.

What I am looking for is the ability to create a set of features that every one of my company's products must do. 

For instance, when we design a product with a radio it must always comply with FCC Part 15.  We define what that is, what it means to our product and how we will comply with this government standard. 

So this one feature would be defined as a core function and pulled into every new product.  

If this FCC Part 15 would ever change and go from let's say version 1 to version 2 we need to trace this main core function to every impacted product supporting FCC Part 15 to make appropriate changes and re-certify the product. 


Or alternatively a new type could be created (not a feature, master feature or requirement) but a new type that can be used as the core components that could be used to create the main list of functions / features which can be pulled into each product as new products are generated so as to not mess with the way features / master features currently operate in Aha!

  • kelly wisniowski
  • Mar 15 2019
  • Unlikely to implement
Release time frame
  • Mar 18, 2019

    Admin Response

    Thank you for your idea. As noted, features can only be related to a single product. One suggestion would be to create an initiative at the product line level. You could then create features specific to each product that outline product-specific work that needs to take place in each individual product.

    Given the option above and other priorities, we do not have plans to make features available to multiple products. We hope you can understand.

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