Adding existing features to a master feature

As a Product Manager, I would like to add existing features to a master feature.  Today, I can add new features to the master feature but when I want to bring in existing features I have edit those features individually to create the relationship.  It works, but would be better if I could add them in a way similar to how creating links to other features works.

  • Tom Beck
  • Mar 31 2017
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  • Max Cascone commented
    April 03, 2017 15:39

    i have the same complaint with adding features to initiative, goals, etc. You can link them individually but there's no way to select existing items while viewing the higher-level item.

  • Guest commented
    February 15, 2018 14:18

    How is this done? A drag and drop interface or a bulk add function would be great, but currently I can't see a way to do it?

  • Admin
    Austin Merritt commented
    February 15, 2018 15:28

    Hi Lisa, when viewing a master feature you can click the + icon next to the heading of the Features section. You will then see the option to add an existing feature or create a new one. You can also do this when viewing a feature by selecting the master feature in the Master feature field. 

  • Guest commented
    February 15, 2018 15:33

    Ah. OK, the Plus sign has a roll-over that says "Add new feature" so I assumed it only meant Add new feature. I didn't click through to the popup!

  • Tom Beck commented
    February 15, 2018 16:30

    I had come to the same conclusion as Lisa/Guest.  The rollover text says, "Create new feature".  On the subsequent "popup" title is (by default) "New feature for master feature", so I recommend using the same terminology for consistency.  New big idea?

  • Admin
    Chris Waters commented
    February 15, 2018 16:34

    Already implemented. After the next release it will say just "Add feature" so it encompasses both creating a new feature and adding an existing feature.

  • Tom Beck commented
    February 15, 2018 20:20

    Thanks, Chris.  Can you tell us if we'll be able to add existing features to initiatives in the same way?