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Status Future consideration
Categories Epic
Created by Julia Doyle
Created on Feb 25, 2019

Allow different types of Master Features

We use Master Features a few different ways:

  • A group of related features 
  • A use case that requires work (features) from different products. 
  • A feature that will be implemented in different products at different times (each of those would be a feature)
  • Descriptive text that describes the context of the features it contains

We need a way to differentiate these types of master features. We need to be able to specify different types of master features, and for each type, we want:

  • A unique workflow (statuses)
  • Unique custom fields/layouts
  • Attach files
  • doug evans
    Mar 14, 2019

    I was about to blow everyone's minds by creating templates for different Epic (Master Feature) Types. I was planning to create templates for Metric Mover, Customer Request, and Customer Delight, etc. Alas, I have been foiled by the less robust Master Feature. Why must the Master Feature be treated as inferior to the story?

    For context, we roadmap at the Epic level, and execute at the Story Level.